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Product Technology & Manufacturing

Why Is a Vulcanized Rubber Floor Superior to A Polyurethane Bound Rubber Floor?

Polyurethane-bound rubber flooring uses polyurethane binders to glue the crumb rubber particles together. These polyurethane binders are porous and will allow the flooring to absorb water and urine which causes odor and bacteria, and which will degrade the floor over time. In contrast, the vulcanization manufacturing process fuses the crumb rubber together under extreme pressure and heat resulting in a dense and ultra-durable, poreless product which prevents the absorption of water and urine.

Who is North West Rubber?

Red Barn® branded products are manufactured by North West Rubber – the largest manufacturer of recycled rubber products in the world, with over 50 years of leadership in producing innovative flooring and matting products that lead the way in strength, safety, and sustainability. We own and operate manufacturing facilities in Ontario, British Columbia, Beijing, Texas, and Quebec. We have been proudly protecting the environment by recycling over a billion pounds of scrap tire rubber into useful products since 1968.

Are Red Barn® Products Made in North America?

Majority of Red Barn® products are made in North America. We own and operate manufacturing facilities in Ontario, British Columbia, Beijing, Texas, and Quebec. From these facilities, our products are distributed all over the world.

Which Red Barn® Products Are Made from Vulcanization?

The following Red Barn® products are made with our vulcanization process – creating an ultra-durable, hygienic, non-porous surface which repels moisture and bacteria collection.

Red Barn® Classic Stall Mat, Max Stall Mat, Dome Stall Mat, Stall Kits, Pebble Top Mat, Stair Treads, Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mat, Trailer Mat.

What is Vulcanization?

North West Rubber’s vulcanization process takes recycled crumb rubber from end-of-life tires and fuses it together under extreme heat and pressure to form a solid, non-porous rubber mass similar to the way a diamond is formed in nature.  This vulcanization process creates a hygienic, non-porous surface which repels moisture and bacteria growth and creates an ultra-dense, longer-lasting finished product.

Which Red Barn® Products are Made from ECOFUSE® Technology?

Red Barn® Rubber Feed Pans feature our EcoFuse technology and are cleverly designed to enhance ease of use and maintenance, while standing up to the rigors of farm life, animal abuse, and harsh outdoor conditions.

What is ECOFUSE®?

Ecofuse™ is a 100% recycled rubber blend which is BPA-free and dye-free for animal safety and delivers the optimal blend of durability, flexibility, and form retention.


Will Moisture Collect Under the Mat?

Red Barn® vulcanized rubber products are non-porous and will repel moisture and bacteria. The Red Barn® Classic stall mat has a flat top surface for optimum traction and a flat bottom which minimizes urine accumulation.

What Are the Benefits of a Red Barn® Stall Kit?

Built specifically for the needs of large animals such as horses and cattle – Red Barn® Interlocking Stall Kits are ultra-sonic precision cut with dovetail interlocking tabs to ensure a tight fit to minimize urine seepage and mat movement. The interlocking tabs provide a fast and easy installation.

Can I Use Red Barn® Stall Mats in My Home Gym?

We do not recommend using Red Barn® matting products for your home gym. Stall mats were designed specifically for the needs of large animals and are not intended for indoor use.  Although safe, the rubber odor is strong and can take up to 6 months to dissipate. If you’re looking for a durable home gym rubber flooring solution, we recommend our sister brand

I Noticed a Rubber Odour. Is It Safe and Non-Toxic?

Yes! Recycled rubber is safe based on many published reports, including dozens of peer-reviewed scientific studies and a comprehensive 2019 study conducted by the US-EPA.  These reports all agree that recycled tire crumb rubber is safe and poses no significant health, air quality or environmental risks. The rubber smell will dissipate with ventilation and time.

Why Should I Choose Red Barn® Products?

Red Barn® recycled rubber solutions are strong yet kind. Red Barn® products are 100% recycled and responsibly manufactured to be ultra-durable to stand up to the rigours of rural living and extreme, outdoor conditions. We are committed to repelling bacteria, moisture, and odours for a healthy and hygienic rural living environment.​ We have been proudly protecting the environment by recycling over a billion pounds of scrap tire rubber into useful products since 1968.

Cleaning & Installation

Do I Install Red Barn® Max Product with Buttons Up or Buttons Down?

Red Barn® Max Dual-Surface Flexibility can be installed with buttons up or buttons down based on your needs. A flat non-absorbent top provides superior traction and an easy to clean surface. The large button bottom allows for true multi-directional drainage while providing cushion and comfort. If installing in a horse stall, typically we recommend buttons down.

Can I Install Red Barn® Mats on Walls?

We do not recommend installing Red Barn® matting products on walls.

Can I Trim My Red Barn® Mat?

Use a heavy-duty knife and score the mat several times. The scoring method will allow you to cut through the mat easily. You may require additional blades depending on the thickness of the mat.

Do Red Barn® Mats Need to Be Glued to The Subfloor?

No, the heavy weight of Red Barn® mats will allow a loose-lay installation, so there is no need for any special tools, underlay or glue.

Do I Need Any Tools to Install Red Barn® Stall Mats?

No, Red Barn® stall mats are heavy enough that they will not curl or shift. If you’re looking for a secure tight fit to further minimize urine seepage and mat movement, we recommended Red Barn® Interlocking Stall Kits.

How Can I Clean My Red Barn® Products?

The preferred method of cleaning a Red Barn® product can vary by product type. We recommend using a damp mop with mild soap and water or spraying with a garden hose. For further information please see our cleaning and maintenance guides here.


What Is the Warranty on Red Barn® Products?

Please refer to our warranty resources here.


Are Red Barn® Products Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, for over 50 years, North West Rubber has partnered with governments, industry stewardship groups, and other environmentally conscious organizations across North America to reduce the number of end-of-life tires destined for landfill. We have transformed well over a billion pounds of scrap tire rubber into useful, recycled products with our clean energy, closed-loop production process which generates virtually zero rubber waste during manufacturing. All Red Barn® manufacturing surpluses (off-cuts, residual materials, etc.) go straight back into production to create our Red Barn® assortment.

Where to Buy

Where Can I Buy Red Barn® Products?

Red Barn® products are distributed across the United States and Canada. You can purchase our products through one of our partners here.  If you cannot find a location near you, please contact our customer support team here or call us toll-free at: 1.800.663.8724. We will be happy to help.

How to Contact/Discuss a Project

How Can I Partner with Red Barn®?

Please email or call us toll-free at: 1.800.663.8724.

What Is the Best Way to Contact Red Barn®?

You can call us toll-free at: 1.800.663.8724 or submit a request form on our website here.

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