Our Technology

As the world’s largest branded manufacturer of consumer recycled rubber products, Red Barn® is known for our dedication to constantly improving our manufacturing processes with creative breakthroughs and innovative technologies.


We form recycled rubber crumb into mats under high heat and pressure creating impenetrable, non-porous surfaces.

Animal Safe

Our mats will never tear and will never absorb bacteria or moisture.

100% Recycled

We take recycled rubber crumb from end of life tires and upcycle them with zero waste into valuable farm tough products.


All Red Barn® mats have gone through a manufacturing process known as vulcanization, in which recycled rubber crumb is transformed into a more durable and longer lasting product under intense heat and pressure.

Not susceptible to wear and tear

Our vulcanized rubber is specifically designed for heavy-duty use, with its durability and traction maximized to withstand the rigours of everyday farming tasks.

rubber for more strength

A vulcanized rubber mat allows for more rubber per square inch than a polyurethane bound recycled rubber mat, making it denser and more durable for aggressive use.


Our vulcanization process results in a non-porous surface which naturally repels moisture and bacteria accumulation.

Built to last

All Red Barn® products are built farm-tough to handle the rigours of farm life. Ultra-durable, animal safe and easy to use, our vulcanized recycled rubber mats are built to last.

A perfect
blend of two

Manufactured in North America, Red Barn® Rubber Livestock Feed Pans and Utility Tubs are created using our exclusive EcoFuse rubber blend, which combines recycled rubber with recycled plastic, reducing the weight, odor and de-nesting challenges of typical rubber feed pans while providing optimal durability, resilience and form retention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECOFUSE®?

Ecofuse™ is a 100% recycled rubber blend which is BPA-free and dye-free for animal safety and delivers the optimal blend of durability, flexibility, and form retention.

Which Red Barn® Products are Made from ECOFUSE® Technology?

Red Barn® Rubber Feed Pans feature our EcoFuse technology and are cleverly designed to enhance ease of use and maintenance, while standing up to the rigors of farm life, animal abuse, and harsh outdoor conditions.

What is Vulcanization?

North West Rubber’s vulcanization process takes recycled crumb rubber from end-of-life tires and fuses it together under extreme heat and pressure to form a solid, non-porous rubber mass similar to the way a diamond is formed in nature.  This vulcanization process creates a hygienic, non-porous surface which repels moisture and bacteria growth and creates an ultra-dense, longer-lasting finished product.