Why Red Barn?

As a brand specializing in recycled rubber product solutions, Red Barn® stands by the simple objective of supporting a healthy, wholesome, and sustainable rural lifestyle. We take special pride in the thoroughness and detail we put into designing each recycled rubber product, which makes rural living so much easier for hobby farming enthusiasts like yourself.

50+ Years of Expertise

As the largest branded manufacturer of recycled rubber consumer products globally, Red Barn® by North West Rubber is the established expert in farm and rural living knowledge and safety.

Innovative Technologies

We put much effort into innovating our manufacturing processes, making Red Barn® recycled rubber products among the toughest and safest options on the market.

Environmentally conscious

We have recycled more than 120 million end-of-life tires into innovative rubber products while reducing our carbon footprint with North American manufacturing.

Our Mission

Red Barn® is committed to helping recreational farmers, ranchers and rural lifestyle enthusiasts carry out the jobs and joy of rural farm living with complete peace of mind, while ensuring the health and protection of our animals, our land and our planet.

Our Story

Founded in 1968 under North West Rubber Ltd., Red Barn® has become a one-stop destination for recreational farmers, ranch owners and farm hobbyists who are on the lookout for premium recycled rubber flooring solutions that support a smooth, seamless farm operation.

Since day one, providing our customers with the highest quality rubber matting products available has always been our utmost priority, and we never once stopped our endeavour to better our manufacturing processes to improve our product performance. Our history goes back to the late ’60s and early ’70s, when we first discovered the great value and potential in end-of-life tires, then transformed them into farm-tough, quality rubber mats which were widely used for agricultural applications, but also became popular for use in ice rinks, fitness facilities, work trucks, horse trailers and on roof walkways.

Today, North West Rubber has become the largest branded manufacturer of recycled rubber products in the world, recognized for its leadership in rubber vulcanization technology, serving agricultural, commercial and recreational markets across the globe. We are trusted by countless customers for our years of expertise in creating farm and rural living product solutions which protect both animals and their owners.

strong but Kind
Since Day one

Red Barn® recycled rubber products are manufactured to stand up to the rigours of rural life, supporting the comfort and protection of you and your animals across all of your rural living activities.


Works well in the rain, mud, heat, and even sub-zero temperatures

Animal Safe

Ensures comfort and safety of animals with BPA-free & dye-free materials.

Maximum strength

Withstands animal abusive continuous wear and tear


Transforms from end-of-life tires to tear-proof recycled rubber products

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Red Barn® Products Are Made from Vulcanization?

The following Red Barn® products are made with our vulcanization process – creating an ultra-durable, hygienic, non-porous surface which repels moisture and bacteria collection.

Red Barn® Classic Stall Mat, Max Stall Mat, Dome Stall Mat, Stall Kits, Pebble Top Mat, Stair Treads, Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mat, Trailer Mat.

Are Red Barn® Products Made in North America?

Majority of Red Barn® products are made in North America. We own and operate manufacturing facilities in Ontario, British Columbia, Beijing, Texas, and Quebec. From these facilities, our products are distributed all over the world.

Which Red Barn® Products are Made from ECOFUSE® Technology?

Red Barn® Rubber Feed Pans feature our EcoFuse technology and are cleverly designed to enhance ease of use and maintenance, while standing up to the rigors of farm life, animal abuse, and harsh outdoor conditions.

Live the Red Barn® Life

Bring your dream farm & homestead to life with Red Barn® recycled rubber products.