Whether you are a rural lifestyle enthusiast, a recreational farmer, or a professional rancher, there is one commonality we all share – our deep love for the animals we care for, and more importantly, Mother Nature.

Throughout the 50+ years in the recycled rubber industry, Red Barn® has been committed to minimizing any negative impact we might pose to the environment.

Vulcanized Rubber

All Red Barn® stall mats are vulcanized to create a recycled rubber product that are extremely dense, ultra-durable and non-porous so they will not harbour bacteria or odors.

10M+ Recycled Products Sold

Easy to use and clean, Red Barn® recycled rubber products have now become essentials for homes and farms all across North America.

50+ Years of Innovation

We always go the extra mile to be innovative in manufacturing eco-friendly, durable rubber products.

We Do More Since We Care Too.

Since 1968, we have never stopped pushing the boundaries in our endeavour to make the world a more sustainable place for humanity and all the animals who share our spaces. We make sure we stay progressive in our use of innovative technologies, reusing all rubber crumb waste in our processes and ensuring our products provide the very best in durability and anti-microbial protection.

Low Carbon Footprint

120M+ Tires Recycled & saved from landfills

Zero Rubber Waste

keep it sustainable

Environmental responsibility remains a core value for us. All Red Barn® products are 100% recycled and recyclable, and we work hard to ensure that, where possible, all of our manufacturing is done in North America, which helps reduce our carbon footprint and ensure the consistent, premium quality of our products.

From Waste To Gold

By upcycling recycled rubber crumb into valuable hard-working rubber products, North West Rubber has prevented over 120 million end-of-life tires from entering landfills or incinerators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Red Barn® Products Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, for over 50 years, North West Rubber has partnered with governments, industry stewardship groups, and other environmentally conscious organizations across North America to reduce the number of end-of-life tires destined for landfill. We have transformed well over a billion pounds of scrap tire rubber into useful, recycled products with our clean energy, closed-loop production process which generates virtually zero rubber waste during manufacturing. All Red Barn® manufacturing surpluses (off-cuts, residual materials, etc.) go straight back into production to create our Red Barn® assortment.